Advanced Mobile Location

Precise Dynamic Location from Any Mobile Device

Carbyne is the leading location services provider to emergency call centers worldwide.

With over 400,000 location data sessions generated a day, we provide the most significant piece of information in emergency management in the fastest time, the most reliable way and with the highest rates of success.

Current Global Gaps

Globally, over 80% of calls to Emergency Communications Centers (ECCs) are made from mobile devices. However, only 10% ECCs receive the accurate caller location.

Why is AML important?

Receiving accurate caller location is the most important piece of information in an emergency to be able to reduce dispatch times. According to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC), if an ECC can get an accurate location within 5 seconds, the resulting increase in dispatch times will save countless lives.

The Carbyne Solution

Advanced Visuals

Carbyne’s location is provided in the most advanced UI available in order to provide call takers and first responders with easy view of the location and therefore deliver support faster and more efficiently. Our location data is presented in: map view, satellite view and street view.


Dynamic Location

Over 70% of calls to ECCs have multiple caller locations. Carbyne’s dynamic location enables a live view of the caller’s movement with no need to ever refresh(re-bid) the screen. In addition, with our Events History feature, a detailed “bread crumb” view shows the full course of the caller’s movement in real time.

Highest Location Performance, Guaranteed!

Carbyne’s proprietary testing methodology ensures the highest performance possible.  Due to Carbyne’s expertise around the world, our testing methodology is able to provide the best performance possible, even in countries with complex emergency response systems and limited carrier and device coverage.’s

Path Performance (By Carrier)

Path Performance (Carrier 1)

Our AML Gateway enables countries to accelerate their operations with the following benefits:


Carbyne’s strong relationships with Apple and Google as well as our experience working with carriers and governments, enables us to be a unifying gateway that can surpass all bureaucratic and operational challenges. In addition, there is no app or configuration required by the caller.


Through our proprietary technology, Carbyne is able to provide advanced mobile location without relying on a caller’s data packages or credit.  We are able to overcome all known technical issues faced today.


Carbyne’s AML solution provides the highest location success rate in the world. Our rigorous testing and customization to each state’s needs enables every municipality to achieve location services like never before.

Location, the Foundation for Powerful Insight

AML analytics

Carbyne’s AML analytics capabilities integrate all data collected through the c-Live platform into one concise dashboard that enables ECCs and the authorities to make strategic decisions based on the information collected. The ability to easily view density of calls by location, time of call and call category enables efficient planing and ultimately saving lives.

AML Data Sponsorship

To make sure that no caller is left behind, Carbyne, through its AML Data Sponsorship program, ensures that mobile data is always available for sending their location regardless of the user’s data plan or available credits.

The Mexico Success Story

Carbyne is excited to have partnered with Google to provide Android™ Emergency Location Service (ELS) throughout Mexico. This partnership allows Android devices to send faster, more accurate 911 caller location to emergency communications centers nationwide – all through Carbyne’s highly secure ELS gateway. As a result of our services, the State of Mexico overcame complex technical and regulatory challenges and its ELS performance is now considered one of the most advanced in the world, serving tens of millions of citizens. Read More
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