State agencies and officials need immediate, actionable information as to the dynamics of any crisis.​

As we have experienced during COVID-19 the emergency call center and the state’s ability to operate as one is crucial when battling any threat, and government leaders require evidence and real-time updates to make informed decisions and communicate clearly to their constituents.
Carbyne’s unified statewide solution creates the emergency network synergy needed from the PSAP level to the state and provides transparency, visibility and access to critical information.

Save resources, save time, save lives

Carbyne’s platform creates an environment in which information, statistics and insight can drive better operations. Analyzing live critical information like: PSAP performance, call density by category, caller’s health related symptoms, or natural disaster hit points enables the state to shift resources to where they are needed most. The same man-hours, number of ambulances, number of police units can now be strategically placed to maximize operations at every level.

Management Information System

Management Information System

Carbyne’s Management Information System is the perfect operational data analytics tool. It enables every emergency call center to dive into their operations and maximize its efficiency and utilization of resources.
The Management Information System enables the ECC, through user friendly panels, to easily examine the length of time it takes its team to answer a call, admin vs emergency call comparison, individual efficiency parameters, and more.

PSAP Efficiency

Real Time Data

Eliminating backtracking
andmanual data gathering

Event Categories

Incident density detailed by categories such as: Fire, Medical, Police, false and more

Heat Map

Detail map view of call
origin enables efficient
resource allocation

Call Duration / Distribution

Eliminating backtracking and
manual data gathering

Rich Data

Filter and search for the insights 
you need within seconds

To view a detailed breakdown of all c-Live offerings by categories

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