Carbyne and CentralSquare Bring Together Best of Next-Generation 911 Components to Improve Emergency Response

November 17, 2020

CentralSquare’s broad portfolio of fully integrated public safety software solutions alongside Carbyne’s c-Live Universe platform will deliver next-level efficiency and intelligence, enhancing operations, command decisions and response.



New York – November 17, 2020 – Today, two leaders in public safety technology innovation, Carbyne and CentralSquare, are joining forces via a strategic technology partnership. Together, the streamlined experience Carbyne’s c-Live Universe platform offers which includes dynamic location capabilities, live video streaming, voice, instant chat, analytics and more,  will build on the intuitive interface and usability of CentralSquare’s current 911 and Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) solutions for an even more agile emergency response. Bringing these two next-generation 911 technologies together will further empower their customers to achieve greater situational awareness through actionable, real-time data. 

Carbyne and CentralSquare are aligned in their efforts to support law enforcement and first responders in providing the fastest, most effective emergency response possible. In partnership with Carbyne, CentralSquare will build on the highly intuitive, user-friendly capabilities it currently offers customers in both a standalone capacity  and, in the coming months, an integrated fashion.  The unification of CentralSquare’s broad portfolio of fully integrated public safety software solutions with Carbyne’s cloud native platform delivers next-level efficiency and intelligence, enhancing operations, command decisions and response.

“We are honored and excited to partner with CentralSquare. Their mission to create smarter, safer, connected communities is exactly what the public sector needs,” explains Amir Elichai, Founder and CEO of Carbyne. “Powering government with the technology to better serve its citizens helps agencies operate as efficiently and effectively as possible to deliver on their promise of providing better service to their communities.”  

“At CentralSquare, our mission is to create smarter, safer, connected communities. We have an unwavering focus on identifying opportunities to deliver even greater value for our customers and are excited for the benefits this partnership with Carbyne will bring,” notes Dave Zolet, CEO of CentralSquare. “Partnering with Carbyne will further empower our thousands of public safety customers with the new frontier in text messaging, video and more via 911 call. We look forward to working closely with the Carbyne team to help our public safety customers accelerate dispatch center operations and equip them with a best-in-class solution for keeping our communities and first responders safe.”

Rapid response is critical in all emergency scenarios. This partnership adds value by establishing the highest possible level of situational awareness to ensure responders stay safe while mounting the most effective response for the communities they serve.  


About Carbyne:
Carbyne is a global leader in public safety technology. Founded in 2014, Carbyne quickly grew to be one of dominant global players in the public safety global industry. Today, Carbyne is the largest rich-data provider globally, delivering over 155M data points per year. In addition its rich data platforms enable first responders and Emergency Call Centers to connect with the caller via highly secure communication omni-channel with no app required. With a mission to redefine emergency collaboration, Carbyne provides a unified cloud native solution that enables ECCs, first responders, citizens and the state to share live actionable data that can lead to more efficient, transparent operations and ultimately save lives. For more information visit –  


About CentralSquare

Formed by the merger of Superion, TriTech along with Zuercher, and the public sector and healthcare business of Aptean, CentralSquare is an industry leader in public safety and public administration software, serving over 8,000 organizations from the largest metropolitan city to counties and towns of every size across North America. Its technology platform provides solutions for public safety, including 911, computer-aided dispatch, records management, mobile, citations, evidence management and corrections. For public administration agencies, CentralSquare provides software for finance, payroll, citizen engagement, asset management, regulatory compliance and community development. CentralSquare’s broad, unified and agile software suite serves 3 in 4 citizens across North America. More information is available at

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