Carbyne Announces the Launch of Carbyne Smart in Mexico

October 05, 2021

Today, October 5, 2021, Carbyne announces the launch of Carbyne Smart in Mexico. The service will provide companies the ability to deliver enhanced data to 911 centers from its users and employees.  

By dialing from the company’s app or emergency button, users will now be able to share their exact location, live video, and instant message in addition to important personal information such as medical history, user identification, and more, all via Carbyne’s gateway. This critical information will serve 911 centers and first responders as they prepare an appropriate response. This will lead to more lives being saved.

This initiative is launched in Mexico as a result of the large collaboration Carbyne currently has in the Mexican market. To date, Carbyne operates in 27 states in Mexico and its cloud native NG 9-1-1 solution is being used in over 85% of the country.

The incentive for companies to participate in this new initiative is clear. They will have a direct relationship with public safety. Ultimately, this will lead to a faster and more efficient response to its users and employees. Additionally, as competition over the work force grows, employee branding is key to attract talent. Showing employees and users that their safety is first in the company’s priority positions the company with a higher ethos than competitors.

“The advantages for Carbyne Smart are clear,” explains Amir Elichai, Carbyne’s founder and CEO, “911 centers rely on data to save lives and callers and companies have that data. As such, it’s important to create a live data exchange that can help in emergencies and help save more lives. Relying on the ways of the past is no longer enough. A phone line is no longer enough. If we are not using technology to our advantage, our communities will end up paying the price.”

The use of Carbyne Smart requires no changes to the existing platforms, apps, or workflow that companies currently manage. Carbyne’s open API enables seamless integration with zero downtime to existing platforms and with zero risk. Additionally, the company complies with the strictest local privacy regulations as well as the GDPR. Therefore, there is no risk to privacy breaches.


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