Fayette county 911 communications receives 2019 technology leadership award from APCO international

May 29, 2019
The County’s Emergency Communications Center (ECC) Has Been Recognized for its Technological Advancements to Improve Public Safety in the Community

Fayette County, Georgia, May 16, 2019 – Fayette County 911 communications received the ‘Technology Leadership Award for a Small Communications Center’ in the 2019 APCO Public Safety

Communications Awards Program.


The Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO) International, the world’s largest organization of public safety communications professionals, announced that Fayette County’s ECC, is the recipient of its 2019 Public Safety Communications Technology Leadership award for a Small Communications Center. The award recognizes communications centers of 1 to 75 employees that use technological advancements to benefit their centers, employees and customers.


Fayette County 911 was the first agency in North America to integrate  Carbyne’s  Next-Gen 911 cutting- edge technology into their operations, This provides Fayette County 911 with the ability for dispatchers to receive real-time video from callers and smart city sensors, and to precisely and quickly locate callers. They are the first in the US to operationalize video as a part of 911 response.


“APCO International is the largest public safety organization in the world and the award is a huge validation of the technology-forward approach that Fayette County has taken,” said Fayette County 911 Director, Katye Vogt. “It’s extremely important to provide our telecommunicators with the most advanced technology and for our citizens to feel safe.”


“With access to Carbyne’s c-Lite solution, emergency call responders can receive device-based location from any incoming smartphone call, so we are able to quickly locate victims,” said Amber Smith, Assistant Director at Fayette County 911 communications. “It’s so exciting to have groundbreaking Next Gen technology at our fingertips and we look forward to where Carbyne will take the 911 industry in the future.”


“I am proud of our 911 Communications Team and the commitment and hard work they put into making our call center one of the best in the nation,” said County Manager, Steve Rapson. “This new technology provides a lifesaving difference to our community, and we are delighted to congratulate and thank the hardworking individuals with them receiving the Public Safety Communications Technology Leadership award.”


The county’s ECC has been using Carbyne’s c-Lite platform and will be implementing c-Live, Carbyne’s call- handling ecosystem later this year.



Press Contact Information:  Justine Rosin- justine@headline.media – USA: 917-724-2176

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