Carbyne & Fayette County partnership

The first municipality in North America to advance its emergency services with cutting-edge technology to precisely and quickly locate victims

March 04, 2018

[New York, USA, March 2018]– Carbyne, the leaders in next generation 911 for the digital age, has been approved by The Fayette County Commission to be integrated into its current 911 system to improve response capabilities. A first in the U.S., Carbyne’s technology will enable dispatchers to receive real-time audio and video streams from a caller while accurately pinpointing their location in emergency situations– within a one-foot radius, even indoors.

Carbyne utilizes the most advanced technology to help save lives by bringing the current setup of emergency services into the 21st century through extensive digitization. Citizens can live-stream their emergencies through smart devices, no app needed, helping first responders prioritize events and locate users– shaving crucial minutes off response and dispatch times.

“After testing Carbyne for a few months, I am positive that we will start to see a huge impact on our public safety,” said Bernard ‘Buster’ Brown, 911 Director of Fayette County, GA. “This technology saves time and lives, there is no price tag for this. There are approximately 6,500 911 call centers in the United States. It’s crucial for every county to look into this system, otherwise, you will not be doing your jurisdiction justice.”

“We’re excited to bring the citizens of Fayette the most cutting-edge technology and to be the first to communicate with 911 via live video streaming, real-time text, and the most accurate location services in the world,” said Amir Elichai, CEO and Founder of Carbyne. “Thanks to our partners at Fayette who unanimously voted for Carbyne’s solution. Together, we will create a better today and tomorrow for your citizens.”

On March 22nd, the Fayette County Commission approved $192,000 expenditure to integrate Carbyne’s IP-based emergency communication platform into the existing public safety infrastructure. Following a four-month pilot in 2017, participants witnessed an enhanced communication between its emergency response operators from a small test group of county employees and agency personnel. As the service undergoes more trials in different areas of the United States and globally, Carbyne’s 911 ecosystem will allow state and municipal governments to unify, streamline, and consolidate PSAPs – empowering leaders to provide lower cost, higher quality, more effective emergency response.

* The technology is gradually being implemented and will go live later this summer. Stay tuned for updates.

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