March 18, 2020

Currently, the United States is in panic mode.  The shelves are empty of toilet paper, water, paper towels, bread, and other pantry staples.  As the real numbers are trickling in, it is becoming evident that the most vulnerable population segment to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak are the elderly with already compromised immune systems.  But, since anyone can get the virus as well as spread it, the containment of those infected need to be curtailed.

It’s time to be smart and incorporate technology to make containing the virus easier and instant.



Certainly, the key to the ultimate resolution will be the vaccines and treatments that doctors and scientists will develop.  But, until they are discovered and produced, there are technologies that already exist that can mitigate further consequences.  Technologies that allow for remote video screening, location monitoring, and alternative communications can go a long way toward diagnosing those that are infected, or possibly infected, while reducing patient movement and contact with other residents.

Live video screening is a powerful tool to screen patients and examine vital signs of Coronavirus symptoms, thus reducing human interactions.  Carbyne provides a remotely initiated, live video session to any cell phone that can be originated from any doctor or clinic that has installed the c-Live platform.  Also included in the c-Live platform is an ability to possible hot areas of the virus. Carbyne can provide doctors instant and accurate location of patient locations and calls of patients with symptoms in order to quickly identify areas of contamination. Once municipalities identify that an area has an increase in symptoms and/or cases, they can help sterilize the area to make it safer for all.

Since the Carbyne c-Live platform is cloud native, it allows for immediate implementation with zero interruption to existing emergency communications channels.  c-Live’s intuitive user interface is currently being used in seven countries and requires minimal training on the part of an ECC or health clinic. On the patient’s side, c-Live requires that no app be installed on their cell phone and is user friendly as it follows familiar mobile interface protocols in common use today.  Hopefully, c-Live can help all of move comfortably into the rational response phase of this epidemic.

Rational decision, unique technological solutions, and medical breakthroughs are the trilogy needed to effectively fight the Coronavirus and ensure that everyone’s well being. Since medical breakthroughs are still aways away, we must use the best technological advancements available.


Amir Elichai is is CEO and co-founder of Carbyne, an end-to-end emergency communication system

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