March 24, 2020

Carbyne, the leading innovation company in public safety, is expanding its operations and global support in the fight against Coronavirus COVID-19.

Carbyne currently operates in 15 states in Mexico and covers over 90,000,000 people with its platform.  Carbyne is proud to add the State of Guanajuato to its services. Guanajuato has over 46 municipalities and more than 5,000,000 people in its territory. It is the sixth largest state in Mexico.

To fight against COVID-19, Carbyne answered the request of five Mexican states and upgraded their platform to the Universe+ edition of c-Live. Aside from the core capabilities of live video, instant chat, and advanced mobile location, Universe+ enables emergency call centers with the “Incident Conferencing” feature that enables multiple workstations to connect and manage a call. This is extremely useful when call takers need to coordinate a response with dispatchers, as well as consulting an EMT to support remote diagnosis and triage with COVID-19.

In addition, Carbyne’s event history feature enables the authorities to have a live heat map to indicate COVID-19 related callers so states can better strategize and allocate resources.

To support the growth in Mexico, Carbyne and TELMEX have joined forces to provide the best coverage and network available to the residents of Mexico.

TELMEX is the dominant phone carrier and internet provider in Mexico, covering over 80% of the market and population. TELMEX is the daughter company of America Movil, one of the largest data and phone services companies in the world today.




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