Carbyne and United Hatzalah, with support of 30,000 volunteers, launch COVID-19 effort to help the elderly and special needs community

March 27, 2020

As the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19 continues, it is evident that the elderly and special needs communities are greatly affected by recent restrictions and the lack of support services.

In a campaign called “Assistance for All 1221” (1221 is the emergency call number in Israel for United Hatzalah), 30,000 volunteers are ready to assist in this effort by making themselves “on call” to support elderly and special needs individuals who are calling the United Hatzalah emergency centers.

Through Carbyne’s c-Live Universe precise location technology, the new national emergency call center can quickly and accurately locate the caller and send the closest volunteers . In many cases this enables the volunteers to arrive at the scene even before an ambulance and EMT arrives. In addition, the platform enables the United Hatzalah center to have live video conferences and instant chat so they can better communicate with the callers, provide remote evaluation and deliver the most efficient response.

The collaboration between United Hatzalah, the second largest EMS provider in Israel, and Carbyne enables the following:

  •       Presence of volunteers to the scene even before an ambulance arrives
  •       Immediate availability to logistical support that may include: medicine pick up, grocery shopping, and physical support of any kind
  •       Emotional support for lonely individuals in the COVID-19 risk group
  •       On-the-go support for individuals with physical disabilities or special needs

This large-scale humanitarian act is supported by other not-for-profit organizations such as Lev Echad and The Israeli Association for Community Centers.

This is not the first collaboration between United Hatzalah and Carbyne. United Hatazalah  is also using Carbyne’s platform to enable its telecommunicators to provide remote medical triage. Carbyne’s platform enables live video conferencing, instant chat capabilities, and location mapping for United Hatzalah. All of these services enable remote evaluation and support to potentially infected COVID-19 individuals.

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