Wind™ Riders in Israel Will Now Have Direct Support from UNITED HATZALAH via Carbyne’s Platform

June 18, 2021

The German giant e-scooter rental company, Wind, will launch a service for its users that allows them to report incidents directly to United Hatzalah dispatch, one of Israel’s largest emergency medical services organizations, in real-time with a quick click app button. The service enables video calls and chat management with the United Hatzalah’s dispatch and will report the exact location of the scooter user for them to receive immediate and effective medical assistance. The service is made available after the company partnered with Carbyne, the world’s leading company for technological innovation of emergency services.

Wind will implement this service within its user app in Israel. This integration was made available by Carbyne, which develops life-saving technologies for governments and emergency centers around the world. The collaboration will be implemented as part of the safety kit that Wind provides to its users: integrated helmets, user age restrictions, and more.

Carbyne’s technology will allow thousands of Wind riders, for the first time, the ability to communicate with the United Hatzalah dispatch via live video or chat directly from the Wind app and send the dispatch a dynamic and accurate location of the rider in real time. The dynamic positioning capability is critical as it allows live tracking of the scooter’s position, even if it is still in motion.

Such reporting will be done using a dedicated button in the Wind app. When the button is pressed in the app, an automatic connection will be made to Carbyne’s platform which will immediately stream essential data to the United Hatzalah dispatch. The information that will be transmitted to the dispatch will include the rider’s exact location, video, and chat functions and will allow the dispatcher to see the full event and, therefore, be able to brief and mobilize United Hatzalah first responders faster and with maximum effectiveness. Sharing the caller’s details such as his location, video call, and more are all done with the full consent of the caller.

Itay Ezra, CEO of Wind, explained, “Implementing this button in our app is part of an overall worldview that provides our users complete confidence in the use of our tools. But most of all, it is a public service that aims to take advantage of Wind’s extensive availability across the country and to quickly direct United Hatzalah services when its riders need them. Wind will continue to look for more ways to implement different technologies and services for maximum rider safety.”

Carbyne CEO Amir Elichai said, “The world is rapidly advancing towards innovative technologies and services. Scooters are today’s new mode of public transportation. As we progress to new services, we need the most advanced technologies that can provide life-saving solutions for any caller. The versatility of the Carbyne platform provides Wind riders with an extra layer of confidence in Wind’s service, increasing the sense of security among Wind users. We thank Wind for working with us in order to promote awareness and security in this area and leading, not only its customers, but the entire industry to a safer riding future.”

Dov Meisel, VP of Operations at United Hatzalah states, “United Hatzalah is a leader in the use of innovation and technology and sees the long-standing partnership with Carbyne, and now with the Wind user community, as a real opportunity to create a life-saving assistance platform, hoping they will never need this service. We believe that such partnerships illustrate a real understanding of the importance of the community in strengthening the response, when needed.”

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