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Baby delivered with the help of Carbyne's NG911 features

The event

On January 2nd, 2019 at 2:00 PM, in a remote village in Mexico, a pregnant young lady goes into labor with no medical assistance around. Her family, understanding the situation, calls their local 911 line, asking for immediate help. The call-taker, realizing the delicate situation and sense of emergency, initiated a Carbyne session with the family, using Carbyne’s c-Lite live video stream to guide her and her family through labor, while receiving exact GPS coordinates to dispatch medical assistance.

Carbyne-enabled solution

The call came in to a c-lite equipped call taking station, where the call taker immediately alerted the on-call paramedic to join the call and provide real time instructions to the untrained family members, watching the labor progress in real time. During this time, the call taker was able to recognize the family’s exact location and send an ambulance to the remote village within 15 minutes of receiving the call. The paramedics which arrived at the house, finished what started through live video and eventually delivered a healthy baby to a proud mother.

The Outcome

Having the ability to see what’s happening in real time enables paramedics never before possible insights to providing the most accurate and efficient medical guidance, especially when ordinary citizens need to rise to challenge of saving lives. Further, live GPS location enables accurate dispatch of emergency units, as in this case in Mexico, where the ambulance arrived to the remote village within 15 minutes of receiving the call and helped to save lives.

c-Lite is deployed as a plugin product, designed to enhance existing platforms with Carbyne’s state-of-the-art NG911 technologies. These technologies include pinpoint device-based location, live video streaming from mobile devices, and  two-way chat. Learn more about c-Lite capabilities here

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