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Next Generation 911 Plugin for legacy platforms

Carbyne’s high-availability plugin c-Lite provides NG911 functionality to PSAPs currently using legacy call-handling software, enabling Pinpoint Location, Live Video Streaming and Chat to 911 functionality. No integration needed. No app required. No risk.

The Challenge

Emergency call centers report an average call duration of two minutes and 40 seconds! The call handler spends most of that time trying to identify the caller, his phone number and location, and only then – listens to the caller’s description of the event.

Locating the event
Legacy network-based location solutions, such as ANI/ALI, are poorly built for the modern day. Most call-handling platforms don’t leverage the positioning features of mobile devices, making calls from those who don’t know where they are, or who are not at an address (lake, ocean, forest, etc) challenging to find. 

Trying to “picture” the situation
Call Takers, in their attempt to understand the nature of the emergency, are dependent on the verbal description of the caller, as their call-handling systems are unable to utilize the video capabilities of the caller’s mobile device. 

Communicating with callers who cannot speak
When a caller is not in a position where they can speak, with over 90% of PSAPs in the US still unable to leverage chat or text functionality, call-takers are limited in the tools they can use to communicate.


The c-Lite Solution

c-Lite is deployed as a plugin product, designed to enhance existing platforms with Carbyne’s state-of-the-art NG911 technologies. These technologies include pinpoint device-based location, live video streaming from mobile devices, two-way chat and more.

The c-Lite plugin appears as a menu bar, floating on top of your existing system’s interface. It’s there when you need it.

Just click to open location, video and chat windows. Carbyne’s comprehensive NG911 system is risk-free. It requires no integration and is non-disruptive. As a consequence, you preserve the investment in your existing system, with no downtime.

The Benefits

Clock icon - Reducing response time

Cut Response Time

Pinpoint location, chat and video can reduce call duration by as much as 65%

Call Taker icon

Quicker Evaluation

Live from-the-field video enhances understanding and quickens evaluation of situations

Pinpoint Accurate Location, outdoor and indoor - icon

Accurate Location

Accurate location to within 6 meters outdoors and 1 meter indoors

Setting icon

No Integration Efforts

Sits on top of a PSAP’s current call-taking system

Live video

Overview of all active and previous calls

Icon - two way live chat feature

Two-Way Chat

Two-way chat when vocal communication is not possible

Risk Free icon

Risk Free

Risk-Free – Your current methods of operation will still be valid

No app needed (patented technology) - icon

No App Needed

Calls from smart devices – without pre-installed apps


Information storage of past calls for future behaviour and investigation

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