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Upgrade to
NG9-1-1 in 30 Seconds

Shattering all perceptions on NG 9-1-1, c-Live Universe can be installed in any call station around the world within seconds, enabling the most advanced caller location capabilities – video to 9-1-1 (patented), verified instant chat, conferencing, and more – all without the requirement of an app. It is the ultimate incident connectivity platform.

What Your Caller
Can’t Tell You,
Carbyne Can Provide.

Carbyne delivers the highest degree of situational awareness and life saving tools every call center must have, all in a single platform. Accurate location, live video to 911 (patented), and instant verified chat seamlessly immerses a call taker into an incident providing them with the ability to dispatch the most efficient response in the fastest time possible – all without the requirement of an app.


Dispatch Faster, Smarter and with Confidence

Universe provides the call taker, for the first time, accurate location in zero seconds.

This allows call takers to receive the most critical information (location and phone number) even before they pick up the phone. Our advanced location capabilities provide accurate location with up to 5 meter accuracy in both elevation and floor level. Dynamic location capabilities shows a caller location while on the move, with no need to refresh/rebid. Google street and satellite view provides first responders with the highest degree of location accessibility.

For the first time, dispatchers have the ability to locate callers in elevated locations.

Secure a Live Path of Communications

Carbyne is the world’s largest provider of video to 9-1-1 (patented) as well as instant chat. Creating an independent live communications channel, it brings unprecedented situational awareness and drop call protection. Enabling text activated calls, phone conversations can now be initiated when ringing is not a safe option. This “fall back” audio capability is the perfect solution when traditional call handling is not an option. Ultimately, c-Live Universe triples the possible communication channels between callers and PSAPs.


Awareness ​

To complement the life saving tools that Universe offers, operational awareness capabilities amplify the power of the emergency call centers by providing insights that maximize resource utilization. Live traffic view indicates any obstacles for arrival and helps prevent double dispatching. Ongoing calls view enables the center’s director to see the density of calls in their jurisdiction, connect directly to each call on the map (when needed), and allocate staff in a smarter way.

Live Traffic View

Ongoing Calls View

The Power of Collaboration

Redefining emergency collaborations, c-Live Universe creates, for the first time, seamless live communication channels that dramatically improve emergency operations. Connecting call takers and callers via live video and advanced caller location enables the highest degree of situational awareness. This has proven to reduce unnecessary dispatch of scarce resources like ambulances and fire trucks while also decreasing first responder arrival time. Just as critical, c-Live Universe enables first responders to have direct access to the call takers’ view of an incident – including video, location, and chat – which enables them to better prepare for complex events including hostage situations, domestic violence, and more.

c-Live Universe enables first responders to have direct access to the call takers view of an incident, including video, location and chat which enables them to better prepare to complex events including hostage situation, domestic violence and more.


On Demand

Allocation of resources in the future can only be done if the relevant data is collected in real-time. Universe’s customized questionnaire enables each call center to customize pre-set questions that inform decision makers on key points that matter to them, whether it is COVID-19, emergency by categories, or other KPIs. Universe transforms the data into live visual heat maps that enable the automation of roles and responsibilities.

The Time Is Now

As a cloud native platform, Universe can be installed quickly and remotely in any part of the world. With zero down time, zero interruption to existing protocols and minimal training, it truly is a no risk solution that can transform any emergency call center and state emergency center into NG9-1-1 within hours.

Learn how our solutions can transform your operations to NG 9-1-1 overnight

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