Jerusalem Adopts Carbyne's Technology to Protect Social Workers and Educators

A special application will provide mobile phones of social workers and school principals with a panic button with live video streaming that will enable them to report issues and call for help whenever they encounter violence or danger. The aim – to provide a rapid response for every emergency call from employees anywhere in the city.


The technology, from Israeli startup Carbyne, will later be extended to municipal field workers, who will immediately be able to report violence, danger, serious hazards and more.


[Jerusalem, Israel] The Jerusalem Municipality, led by its Business and Technological Development Administration, has launched a pilot project to bolster the personal safety of social workers and school principals in the city.

In cooperation with Israeli startup Carbyne, all school principals and 100 social workers from throughout the city will be connected to a state-of-the-art technological platform that will provide them with a dedicated panic button on their mobile phones to be used in emergencies to connect them directly to the municipality’s emergency hotline.

The service is deployed through Carbyne’s C-NOW application and will also utilize live video streaming to enable employees to instantly report any incident of violence, providing their precise location directly to the city emergency response center. Employees will be able to ask for rapid response and aid from municipal security staff.

Social workers throughout the city provide crucial services and aid to needy populations, but often encounter severe violence from residents. In the education system as well, staff sometimes encounters violence from students or their parents. This special service is designed to grant these employees a means of protecting themselves and offer them the highest level of safety.

The municipality plans to expand the use of this service in the future to municipal staff in the field, to all social workers, to the entire staff of the educational system, and to other municipal service providers. According to the municipality, this new service comes in addition to a long list of protective measures deployed by the Emergency and Security Division for protecting social workers and city staff, including security guards at social welfare offices and educational institutions, technology such as security cameras and more. The division’s security officers and other staff work around the clock to keep city workers safe. This new service will boost the security for city workers, significantly improving the municipality’s ability to ensure their safety and provide a rapid response in any emergency situation.

Mayor of Jerusalem, Moshe Leon: “The Jerusalem Municipality under my leadership will bring an end to the phenomenon of violence and serve as an example to the rest of the country. With the help of innovative and advanced technologies, we will increase the social workers’ sense of security. In the coming period, we will examine the results, and I believe that violent incidents will be reduced.”

Eitan Barzilai, Director of the Jerusalem Municipality Development Administration: “We are constantly developing and introducing innovative and advanced technologies to improve municipal services and the activities of the city’s staff. Carbyne’s service provides us with an additional dimension in increasing employees’ personal safety via technology, as well as the municipality’s ability to respond rapidly and efficiently to extreme situations, thus improving safety and security in the city.”

Roie Donskoy, Head of Sales at Carbyne: “We are delighted to work with the Jerusalem Municipality to provide social workers and school principals with an additional layer of protection and an increased sense of security as they serve the city’s residents on a daily basis. We have no doubt that they will experience a change from the moment they connect to Carbyne’s system.”

About Carbyne
Carbyne is a worldwide leader in public safety technology, enabling real-time emergency communication for citizens and Public Safety Answering Points (dispatch centers). The Next-Generation 911, cloud-based incident response system sits on a global infrastructure and is supported by a powerful ecosystem. Delivering advanced IP-enabled communication features, AI-enriched response functionalities, IoT-enabled capabilities and state-of-the-art caller solutions, Carbyne is enhancing the future of public safety and first response.

Founded in 2014, Carbyne is led by a team of entrepreneurs and technological experts with experience from elite Israel Defense Force units. The company has offices in Tel Aviv, Mexico and Kiev, with headquarters in New York. For more information, visit

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