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Hi, we’re Carbyne. We’re on a mission to help emergency call centers save lives every day. As the leader in emergency collaboration technologies, we’re building a platform that brings game-changing capabilities to people in crisis, such as live video, instant chat, and location tracking. Our platform unifies the flow of life-saving information to emergency call centers, so they can handle emergencies faster than ever, and get to the right people, in the right place, at the right time. We currently provide services to over 400 million people in over eight countries around the world, and partner with Google, Cisco, Amazon, and Microsoft to deliver life-saving technologies. Want to join our mission-driven team? Read on.


About the role

We're looking for a Software Engineer who will be responsible for the end-to-end development of our life-saving platform. In this role, you will be developing high-performance, elastic, and resilient micro-services architecture while leveraging reactive frameworks (AKKA) with highly scalable infrastructure designed for web-scale loads in order to save lives.

You will be in charge of services end-to-end design and development, from cluster infrastructure to the server logic and user experience, including designing and developing new features.


Here's what you'll be working on:

  • Develop an emergency 911 eco-system
  • Ensure that services respond quickly, even under a surge of requests
  • Ensure that highly resilient services are achieved by fault-tolerant and self-healing functionalities
  • Develop our solution across global regions in order to provide any person in the world the ability to contact emergency services as quickly and effectively as possible
  • Solve real-world public safety problems such as indoor positioning, scene detection from live video, and audio streams by machine learning techniques with real-time performance
  • 2-5 years of experience in building advanced web applications
  • BSC in software engineering, computer science, or experience in an elite intelligence unit
  • Backend development experience (we use Scala, but you can have any backend experience)
  • Experience in developing in cloud environments (AWS preferred)
  • Experience in developing RESTful API
  • "Can-do" attitude and strong people skills

Bonus points for:

  1. Experience in designing and coding microservices-based solutions for the cloud
  2. Working with WebSockets
  3. Experience with modern frontend development

What else we’re looking for:

We’re a mission-driven team with a strong set of values. We take them pretty seriously here at Carbyne, and want to make sure that anyone who joins our team takes them seriously, too. If you grabbed coffee with any of our team members, you would see that we:

Innovate. We think differently, and don’t lean on standard conventions.

Strive to be better. We’re always looking to improve. We define goals and measure ourselves against them regularly. 

Take ownership. We own our actions, complete our missions, and hold ourselves accountable for both. We care deeply about the success of Carbyne, our customers, our partners, and each other.

Are customer-first. We focus on making sure our customers are successful, and we build trust and practice full transparency at all times.

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