Product Design Team Leader


We are looking for an innovative and out of the box Product Design Team Leader that will be responsible for leading Carbyne`s design strategy and make our vision into a reality.

You will be Responsible for:

  1. Managing the company's design department that includes : Product design and strategy, UI/UX and Brand.
  2. Prioritize and manage all studio tasks from the initial stage of creative, through ensuring effective delivery and up to production.
  3. Understand and learn the user, plan and execute proper design for each and every goal.
  4. Cross-departments communication, (product, marketing, R&D, etc. )
  5. Lead the global design team.
  6. Set and monitor the department’s KPI’s.


Please add your Portfolio to the application.

Who we are?

Carbyne is a global leader in public safety technology. We are developing next generation 911 cloud-based ecosystem that enables real-time emergency communication between citizens and 911 services worldwide. Carbyne`s patented platform delivers live streaming video, advanced IP based communication, accurate dynamic locations (also indoors). This smart and rich data helps call takers analyze and process what is happening in real-time, provide accurate support, slash time to dispatch and ultimately save lives.

Join us, and create a better Now!

You can learn more about us:  

Carbyne -The Future of Public Safety

Closing our Round B -15M$ and joining Founders Fund portfolio

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Our Website

Case studies:

Case study - Fayette County, US

Case study- Nice, France.

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  1. At least 5 years of experience as a designer.
  2. Proven experience in leading design teams, with a Hands-on approach.
  3. Experience with mobile design.
  4. Experience with complexes desktop platforms
  5. Experience with user testings, and implementation of conclusions.
  6. Experience with setting and testing design KPI’s
  7. Master in design tools like Adobe & Sketch, Delivery tools.
  8. Experience in Agile environment and design methods and sprints.
  9. Great communication and personal skills.

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