Global Chief Operating Officer (COO)


We are looking for a strong COO to lead and manage the company headquarter is Israel. As the COO you will be responsible for building and overseeing the company strategy, mission statement and ensuring excellence in all aspects of work, by setting goals for performance and business growth. You will be expected to be a professional in problem-solving, detailed oriented and a true leader by an in-depth understanding of the company vision, strategy, core values and the day to day work of your team.


Who we are?

Carbyne is a global leader in public safety technology. We are developing next generation 911 cloud-based ecosystem that enables real-time emergency communication between citizens and 911 services worldwide. Carbyne`s patented platform delivers live streaming video, advanced IP based communication, accurate dynamic locations (also indoors). This smart and rich data helps call takers analyze and process what is happening in real-time, provide accurate support, slash time to dispatch and ultimately save lives.

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  1. Execute and enhance the CEO’s vision by translating it into a functional plan with measurable objectives to ensure the company growth.
  2. Working closely with the CEO and the management on developing the company long-term and short-term strategic plans.
  3. Managing the day to day operation of the company and the work of the executives (Marketing, Sales, Finance, R&D, Customer Operations, HR and Product) according to the company strategy, in order maximize efficiency, performance and productivity.
  4. Set clear KPI's & goals for all departments and oversee their execution on a weekly/dual weekly and monthly basis.
  5. Establishing, improving and implementing procedures and work methodologies.
  6. Lead, inspire, and motivate the staff ,develop staff to maximize potential and Increases management's effectiveness.
  7. Responsibility for communication and synchronization between the different departments.
  8. Leading the delivery process and exceed customer expectations and high level of customer satisfaction.
  9. Planning and building the site structure and hiring processes according to the business growth.
  10. Responsibility for the communication and synchronization between the headquarter and the rest of the company's global business units.
  11. Provide monthly progress reports to the CEO.

  1. Must - Proven experience as Chief Operating Officer / CEO in a fast growing global company with more than 60 employees.
  2. Demonstrable competency in strategic planning and business development.
  3. Outstanding organizational and leadership abilities.
  4. Proven experience in setting KPI's, training and motivating employees to reach their targets.
  5. Proven experience in leading diverse business functions through periods of high growth in Sales, Customer Operations, Marketing, Finance, R&D, Human Resources, etc.
  6. Knowledge of financial analysis, budgeting, and methodologies to understand and drive financial performance.
  7. Experience in implementing and improving procedures and work methodologies.
  8. Aptitude in decision-making and problem-solving.
  9. A professional in asking the right questions.
  10. Strong technical and product orientation (Tech / Product background - Advantage).
  11. Excellent Analytical skills and using data to quantify problems and solutions
  12. Strong administrative skills with strong attention to details.
  13. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, highly representative.
  14. Self-motivated with a can-do & Hands-on approach.
  15. Creative, open-minded, persistent and highly collaborative.

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