June 07, 2020
Governments around the world face the same challenge – when their citizens call for help from a mobile phone, they cannot locate them and thus cannot send help.  Even though 80 percent of emergency calls globally are made from mobile phones, citizens assume that when they call for help it will arrive automatically. Wrong.  Panicked […]
May 06, 2020
For over a decade, actually, over 15 years at this point, the industry has raved about NG9-1-1. It’s raved how it would solve so many problems by providing a ubiquitous framework that every PSAP would be able to benefit from while having access to so much more information: Multimedia to the PSAP, data and location […]
January 22, 2020
If you ride the subway into New York City every morning, and a quick look around the train highlights the fundamental change in human behavior that smartphones have inflicted on all of us (me included).  Every person is listening, watching, reading, conversing, or messaging with their smartphone. These advances in technology are creating an unprecedented […]
March 21, 2019
Emergency systems must be resilient, flexible and prepared for any eventuality – especially considering that there’s so much on the line, namely, citizens’ lives. Unfortunately, the aging infrastructure underlying many PSAPs (Public Safety Answering Points) exposes them to otherwise preventable risks. Implementing cloud-based PSAPs remedies these risks improves security, and greatly expands the system’s present […]

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