How chat to 911 helped save lives

State of Mexico, Mexico

The event

On Thursday, November 28th, a violent gang fight erupted outside of a student dorm on a college campus in Mexico. Caught inside the lounge area at the front of the dorm were a group of 12 female students who immediately locked the doors and called the police. Unfortunately, a gang member took notice of these young women, so they were unable to speak openly and freely, and the call-taker could not discern their location. Fortunately, the Emergency Communications Center was equipped with Carbyne’s c-Lite NG911 plugin.

Carbyne-enabled solution

The call-taker initiated a c-Lite session with the caller moments before the voice call broke up due to poor reception. Even though the voice call was lost, the call-taker was able to get the caller’s location and a video feed from the scene through c-Lite. The call-taker also used live chat with the student to get a full picture of the situation and dispatch first responders. When a voice call was able to connect, the student and the call-taker decided to abandon voice and remain on chat so as not to attract the attention of the gang. While ensuring that nearby police men knew exactly where to find them, the call-taker was able to gather valuable and clear information regarding the emergency: medical situation of the students, the attackers intentions and the magnitude of the event.

The Outcome

Within a few minutes of c-Lite being launched, the police arrived on scene to make arrests and ensure the safety of the students. The dispatch time was reduced by 50%, the call duration decreased by 60% and the location provided to the dispatch was correct to within 10 meters. Carbyne’s advanced public safety solutions had been tested in a situation that presented an array of challenges and proved efficiency.

c-Lite is deployed as a plugin product, designed to enhance existing platforms with Carbyne’s state-of-the-art NG911 technologies. These technologies include pinpoint device-based location, live video streaming from mobile devices, and  two-way chat. Learn more about c-Lite capabilities here

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