Preventing COVID-19 Re-emergence

Preventing COVID-19 Re-emergence

As each state is working its way to gradually go back to restore civic normality, it will have to
present interactive ways of communications that will enable it to effectively manage its
emergency operations and the public in order to prevent the re-emergence of COVID-19 or at
least mitigate it in ways it wasn’t able to do before. 


Carbyne’s cloud native c-Live Universe+ platform can be deployed
seamlessly and instantaneously to emergency call centers(911,311), health centers, remote
doctors and the state government and creates a unified awareness center that provides
unprecedented interoperability, analytics, as well as protection to both citizens and first

Our platform can be deployed remotely with a capacity of up to 1000 licenses per day with
zero downtime and zero interruption to current protocols and systems.

1.Interactive Communications

Location. Carbyne is the largest location provider to ECCs globally. Our platform enables instant accurate location for all types of calls( emergency or admin). Our dynamic location features enable a view of caller’s while in movement or static in map, satellite or earth view. Through our platform 911 caller location is received automatically. In addition, request for location can be initiated by the Call taker for quarantined people.

Video. Live video chat is a powerful tool that enables access to callers and remotely evaluates them for Coronavirus symptoms, thus reducing human interactions. It highly increases protective measures for first responders, enables remote triage and therefore reduces unnecessary traffic to hospitals

Instant Chat. Provides an effective way to communicate with those who are deaf or hard of hearing. Unlike traditional Text-to-911 solutions who deliver in an irregular nature, the instant chat is immediate and works like WhatsApp and other chat platforms without any mobile app.

Covid-19 Questionnaire

2. Data Sharing

Data Sharing. The data-sharing tool gives EMS, remote doctors, and call takers the ability to easily connect and share information as they provide access to their Carbyne UI with 3rd parties. This enables faster and more efficient responses to each caller.

COVID-19 Questionnaire. Carbyne’s built-in questionnaire can give officials a real-time overview of caller ailments. In addition to providing insight for care, the customizable questionnaire enables data gathering that will, in turn, be translated to a strategic mapping of COVID-19 cases by caller density.

3. Live Situational Awareness

As part of the Coronavirus monitoring efforts, instant chats (What’sApp, text) can be an effective tool to communicate with sick patients who can not communicate or to overcome the sound barriers that face masks create in phone conversations. In addition, the customized questionnaire enables every ECC to receive information about the caller’s symptoms that will in return provide a better overview of potentially infected areas by density of callers.All the information from the different sites will be presented on a centralized awareness dashboard. 

The dashboard can store unlimited data and present the entire history of calls managed including: Callers’ information, mapping of calls, view of calls density by fever or other predetermined COVID-19 symptoms and more. The dashboard provides a real live view that enables authorities to shift resources strategically and provide the most efficient measures to the public.

4. Analytics

As state budget and resources are scarce, Carbyne’s analytics tool enables the state government to view its emergency operations by site, compare performance by call center as well as view the volume of each municipality’s events. As such, the state can efficiently allocate resources by facts and statistics.

5. Instant Implementation

Carbyne’s platform is cloud native. As such, it allows for immediate implementation with zero interruption to existing emergency communication channels. Our intuitive user interface is currently being used in seven countries and requires minimum training on the ECC side and is user friendly for the citizens as it follows the familiar mobile interface commonly used today.

One Incident, Multiple Workstations

6. Incident Conferencing​

As many countries and states still face the intensity of COVID-19, one solution that has proven to be successful in managing communications with the public is remote medical assessment.Using Carbyne’s incident conferencing feature, call takers can now sync with medical teams on premises or remotely to their platform and share the video session, location, and chat with the medical teams. This enables for live interaction and medical observation while also reducing any friction of transferring calls or information repetitiveness while increasing response efficiency.

Carbyne Incident Conferencing

The City of New Orleans

The City of New Orleans launched the Carbyne solution to help support government efforts to help contain the coronavirus. From the first call expressing interest to the implementation of the Carbyne solution, it was a mere hours until the system was up and running, with absolutely no down time of their system.

Israel, United Hatzalah Incorporates Carbyne's Platform

United Hatzala is the second largest national EMS service in Israel. The organization is utilizing the Carbyne solution to provide better service Hatzala’s first responders and callers concerned about coronavirus symptoms.

Carbyne's Technology in One of Mexico's Largest 911 Centers

Carbyne Launches Its COVID-19 Solution in Seven Countries Around the World

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