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"As a second grade teacher, I am responsible for the lives and safety of dozens of children throughout the day. Their parents trust me with the most precious thing in their life and that's an incredible responsibility. That is why I was so pleased to learn about Carbyne's technology. When we go out on field trips or even indoors, this safety button makes me feel safer... in case of an emergency, a simple click of a button can send immediate help".

Dalia Gil - 2nd Grade Teacher


Carbyne encompasses citizens’ safety with a dedicated feature for the educational institutes. Whether in the class, the playground or out on a field trip – teachers and student are backed up with a direct, reliable, smart communication button, to their call center, ensuring fast, accurate response.

Educational institutes can operate their own call center, or be connected to the city call center. In the later , they are able to receive higher prioritization within the call center, thanks to Carbyne’s technology.

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