Fiba EuroBasket 2017 Tournaments


“It was a great experience to partner with Carbyne during the Eurobasket 2017 tournaments. It allowed us to offer our security staff a new and innovative safety button, which helped them report from the actual venue and surroundings through live video and exact location. With this tool we were able to offer a tighter and more accurate security support to all delegation staff members and visitors of the games”.

Tomer Fulman, ISDS CEO


The EuroBasket 2017 was the 40th edition of the EuroBasket championship that was organized by FIBA Europe and held in Israel between 31 August and 17 September 2017. 24 teams from 49 federations attended the games, with an average of over 4,000 visitors per match.

ISDS was selected to be the official supplier for all security needs for the FIBA 2017 games. ISDS chose to partner with carbyne and use Carbyne technology during the games to better enhance their efforts in providing the best security tools to their staff.

ISDS is a multi-national security company, acting as a worldwide influential, sophisticated security consultant and integrator in areas such as Homeland security (HLS), Defense, Maritime and Aviation security, Infrastructure, Multi-National Enterprises and the security of Mega-Events.


Tel Aviv, Israel

Industry/Customer Type

Multi National Security Company

Community Served

250 Security Staff Officers

Number of Seats

4 Seats

Operating Carbyne Since 

31 Aug – 17 Sep 2017 (one-time event)

Carbyne Solution

Stand Alone

Deployment Statistics

True reports

Reduction in call duration

Location identification

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