June 28, 2018
Carbyne Staff

Every week or so, we hear of another planned PSAP consolidation.

And… it makes total sense from a technological and economic standpoint. What’s behind all this?

Before the Internet and the smartphone revolutions, the emphasis was on the call taker’s personal familiarity with the local environment – knowing the street names, and where the schools and hospitals and restaurants and fire departments are located. So it’s easy to understand why PSAP decentralization occurred. Many of the 6000+ PSAPs in the U.S. today are local “micro-PSAPs” – two-seaters in the back room of a police station or town hall.

Now, thanks to advancements in technology, the focus has changed. Carbyne’s patented indoor and outdoor mobile device triangulation and ubiquitous internet access have negated call-taker familiarity requirements, allowing governmental organizations to focus on efficiency and cost savings.

How does consolidation improve efficiencies?

– Pooling of call-takers from many call centers into a single unit gives PSAPs the human resources needed to simultaneously handle multiple emergency reports. No additional hiring is required in order to guarantee sufficient manpower in crisis situations.

– A single, larger PSAP reduces per-foot office space costs.

– Reduced setup costs as consolidated call centers migrate to a single technological infrastructure, including call handling, recording systems, CAD, telephone system, Internet access, and storage facility – instead of costly parallel systems in local PSAPs. If a CAD system and Call Taking set-up costs more than $200K, then significant cost savings can be realized by performing this process only once.

– Following the PSAP merger, the increased call-taker staff size can implement call prioritization, quicken dispatch, and reduce the number of call transfers. The PSAP can then leverage Carbyne’s c-Events platform, which provides waiting calls with live video streaming and caller location from the field.

Additional efficiencies can be gained with Carbyne’s Next Generation Call Handling System, which has succeeded in reducing answer-to-dispatch times by 64%, thanks to Carbyne’s breakthrough indoor positioning technology, live video streaming, and call quality optimization.

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