Real-Time Software Communication Engineer

We are looking for a Senior Engineer that will be in charge of end-to-end real-time communication software development for our life-saving platform. You will be designing and implementing high-performance VoIP services/ Streaming architecture, in order to provide people the help they need in emergency situations.

Development of the mobile client side on the packets level up to the server side, implementing highly-scalable real-time communication infrastructure for emergency services.
Working on multi-platform environments with mobile clients, VoIP and Streaming clustered servers and on command and control systems and emergency end-devices.

You will be working on a wide of variety of RTC open source projects and components: WebRTC (Internals and API’s), Kamailio, Asterisk, FreeSwitch, SIP Stacks and Media Engines Internals, AEC, FEC, B\W Estimation, Internals of modern codecs (Opus, H.264\5 SVC).

Who we are?

Reporty is the leading expert in the fields of location sharing, real-time communication, and incident predictive analytics.
We aim to change the way people interact with authorities in emergency and nonemergency situations (911/municipalities). Our Real-time communication ecosystem enables the public to deliver smart and rich data to command and control centers worldwide via Real-time video streaming, exact location including indoor positioning ability and IP /TDM communication.
The fact that we are a complete eco-system, integrating into existing Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) with ease, means that our system goes beyond anything the public or private sector has seen before.


Skills and Requirements

  • A graduate of Computer Science, Software Engineering or Elite Intelligence unit.
  • +3  years of hands-on experience in Real-time communication development (Video and Audio Streaming)
  • Strong OOP skills, fluent with C++ Standard Library.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience with Multithreading and Networking.
  • Deep knowledge and experience with VoIP Stacks, SIP Clients, SIP Servers, RTSP ( WebRTC- a big advantage)
  • Video\Audio codes, packetization, encryption, and transport.
  • Deep knowledge and experience with Video and Audio Streaming.
  • Strong OOP and Design Patterns skills.
  • Skilled and independent architect and developer capable of researching and handling challenging engineering and development tasks.


  • Boost and C++11 experience.
  • Asterisk
  • Kamalio
  • Mobile development experience.