Senior Backend Engineer (Java/Scala)

We are looking for an experienced engineer that will be responsible for end-to-end development of our life-saving platform. We develop Real-Time communication, Video, VoIP and mobile platform that supports national emergency services all over the world, that also based on a Machine Learning algorithm that provides an accurate indoor position.

You will be developing high-performance, elastic and resilient micro-services architecture while leveraging reactive frameworks (AKKA) with highly scalable infrastructure designed for web-scale loads in order to provide people the help they need in emergency situations.

You will be in charge of services development, from cluster infrastructure to the server logic including designing and developing new features.

The Challenges You Will Face:

  • Developing an Emergency 911 Eco-System.
  • High Availability – Federal SLA support should be incorporated into the architecture.
  • Services should respond quickly even under a surge of requests.
  • Highly Resilient services achieved by Fault-Tolerant and Self-Healing functionalities.
  • Developing our solution across global regions in order to provide any person in the world the ability to contact emergency services as quickly and most effectively as possible.
  • Solving public safety real world problems such as Indoor Positioning, Scene Detection from live video and audio streams by machine learning techniques with real-time performance.


Who we are?

Carbyne is an award-winning global Start-up company. We are developing a Real-time emergency communication platform, leading the most advanced public safety technology for emergency infrastructure, acting as the ultimate solution for NG911 (next generation 911). Our patented technology connects individuals in emergencies to emergency services worldwide via live video, audio (IP based) and accurate position (indoors), helping call takers analyze what is happening in real-time, provide accurate support, slash time to dispatch and ultimately save lives.

Join us, and create a better Now!




Skills and Requirements

  • BSC in Software Engineering, computer science or Elite Intelligence unit.
  • At least 3  years of hands-on experience in Java server-side development (Scala- a big advantage).
  • Proven experience with architecture, design and develop complex systems.
  • Proficient and substantial experience with modern Databases (SQL & No-SQL), Cloud Storage technologies and IaaS Cloud Computing platforms.
  • Strong OOP and Design Patterns skills.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience with multithreading and concurrency.
  • Skilled and independent architect and developer capable of researching and handling challenging engineering and development tasks.



  • Experience with AKKA, Scala and Reactive application development.
  • Experience and development above AWS & Experience with Spark
  • Experience with UI technologies.
  • Participation in open source projects.
  • Experience with Agile methodology (Scrum).

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