Carbyne and Lilly

Carbyne and Lilly
How are you preparing staff for the changes coming with Next Generation 9-1-1
How are you preparing staff for the changes coming with Next Generation 9-1-1

The arrival of NG9-1-1 will save thousands of lives each year, but it is also a significant change from legacy 9-1-1. Like employees in any industry, call takers and dispatchers are nervous about these changes.

How will my job change?
Will I see disturbing images?
Will I be overwhelmed?
Will I lose my job?

Carbyne recognizes the stress that the arrival of NG9-1-1 can put on call takers. To provide holistic support to our clients, and to offer our clients programs specifically designed to ease the transition to NG911, we have partnered with Dr. Michelle Lilly.

Dr. Lilly is the leading trauma and mental health researcher in the 9-1-1 industry, a licensed clinical psychologist, and educator in the field of trauma and stress.

The hard costs of workplace stress:

Employee turnover

Job performance

Unwillingness to take on new tasks and responsibilities


Lilly Consulting and Carbyne offer three services to address agency and employee burden.
Agencies can choose to contract for one or all of the services offered by Lilly Consulting:

PTSD, Stress and Resilience Training- Individualized PTSD, stress, and resilience training for agencies adopting NG9-1-1 technology.

Wellness Program Development- Development of wellness initiatives and corrective intervention to enhance Individualized stress and resilience training for agencies adopting NG9-1-1 technology

Program Evaluation and Follow-up- Use of rigorous methodology to evaluate changes in health and wellness among agencies adopting Carbyne solutions.

About Dr. Lilly.

Background and Credentials:
Doctorate in clinical psychology and licensed clinical psychologist. Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology at Northern Illinois University (NIU) and Co-Director of the Trauma Services Clinic at NIU. Owner of 9-1-1 Recovers, LLC, a telebehavioral health practice providing evidence-based treatments for trauma-and stress-related disorders (i.e., PTSD, depression, anxiety).
Relevant Experience:
Dr. Lilly has published over 50 peer-reviewed articles focused on trauma-and stress-based disorders using her intensive training and expertise in survey research methodology. She has been invited to lead and co-lead trainings on stress management, PTSD, and wellness at state-and national-level conferences over the past decade, and via webinar. She co-developed an online stress-reduction program for the 9-1-1 industry with collaborators at the University of Washington, which is now a free resource for the 9-1-1 community. She receives funding from the State of Illinois to provide the Saving Blue Lives through Training on PTSD, Suicide, Resilience, and Peer Support to law enforcement at no cost, a training that she developed and copyrighted.

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