"Moked Emun is in constant search of innovative technology to support our efforts in providing the best security service to all our private and business customers. Carbyne technology was a great fit for us from the start. Today, our customers can trust us for not only securing their homes and offices, but also securing them and their family members when leaving their house".

Gal Mazia, Moked Emun 99 VP Sales & Marketing


Moked Emun 99 is one of the largest monitoring and dispatching companies in Israel. Services include alarm monitoring, video surveillance (CCTV) monitoring, fire detection systems. emergency panic monitoring and security guard for special occasions and more. The company offers security guard services for private households and companies.

Moked Emun partnered with Carbyne in order to provide their customers with an additional layer of service, which offers them a dedicated security button that goes directly to Moked Emun’s call center. With Carbyne’s technology, Moked Emun can offer their customers, for the first time ever, security not only for their personal home or office, but also for them and their entire family members.



Industry/Customer Type

Private Security Company

Community Served

12,000 Households/Companies

Number of Seats

8 Seats

Operating Carbyne Since 

June 2017

Carbyne Solution

Stand Alone

Deployment Statistics

Avg. of 7 minutes
dispatch time

Location identification

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