August 03, 2021
Amir Elichai, CEO and Co-Founder of Carbyne

I love the energy of NENA events and this year was particularly electric. After a year with so much turmoil, demand, and stress the leaders and influencers of public safety were back in full force and it was something truly amazing. Here are my major takeaways from NENA 2021:


Gratitude and Authenticity

First, I’d like to give a huge shout-out to all of our partners CentralSquare, Global Medical Response, Mark43, 911derWomen and all who attended and presented the incredible things we’ve been building together. It was great to see you in person again and feel your excitement for the year to come.

I’d also like to give a special shout-out to Tyrell T. Morris from the Orleans Parish Communication District for sharing the stage with me during our packed “The Future of Call Management” presentation at the Innovation Theatre. Tyrell is an inspirational leader and the work we’re doing together is saving lives and defining the future of call management. We couldn’t ask for a better partner or agency leader to launch APEX with. Stark County and Fayette County also deserve a grand thank you for their contributions and insights they shared during our Director’s Summit.

The 911der Women celebration was my personal highlight of the week. It was humbling to be in the presence of so many life-savers and feel their appreciation and respect for one another. At Carbyne, we’re honored to work with 911der women and share their mission to empower, support and promote the importance of women in 9-1-1.


The Future of 9-1-1 is Here

As an industry we need to move beyond waiting for “Next Generation” technology. Emergency telecommunicators, 9-1-1 Directors, first responders and emergency callers DESERVE NG 9-1-1 capabilities in their time of need; real-time caller location, video to 9-1-1 and instant chat at the bare minimum. It’s time to demand change for our own communities. You wouldn’t want your loved ones to not be able to get the help they need simply because their location is in question.

I’ve spoken with so many 9-1-1 experts, community leaders, visionary 9-1-1 directors, solution providers and people who are frustrated with the limitations of their current call handling technology. The legacy 9-1-1 systems of the past have served us well, but they weren’t designed for the connected world we live in today — and so many PSAP’s across the country are still using them. Let’s work together to change that. We need to work on simplifying the complex workflows of emergency telecommunicators and unifying them into a single UI — not adding more screens to the workstations.


Taking Action

We’re building APEX, our cloud-based call management platform, with insights from users, directors, and industry experts and we’re customizing our deployments to fit individual agency needs. APEX helps PSAPs move beyond call handling to call management with real-time caller location, video to 9-1-1, instant chat, event history, advanced data management, live transcription and translation and more all on one streamlined user interface. The very nature of Carbyne’s cloud-based call management platforms allow us to always stay updated, relevant and cutting edge as technology evolves — learning from the mistakes of the past.

So if you’re among those that are ready to take action to modernize and improve your 9-1-1 technology and the safety of your community, please let us know. We’d love to work hand-in-hand with you to shape the future of 9-1-1 and deliver on the industry’s promise.

P.S. Don’t let uncertainty around funding a project with Carbyne slow you down. We have a Grant Support Program dedicated to helping you secure grant funding and implement Carbyne as easily as possible.

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