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“Partnering with Carbyne was a natural step for Netz. We are representing the new age of technology and innovation for the insurance industry, just as Carbyne has set to lead the new generation of communication for the public safety industry. Using their technology is allowing us to provide our customers with the most accurate and immediate service. The ability to see the case live is a great advantage in the insurance world".

Ido Ganot, Netz CEO


Netz organization represents the new Age in Water Damage Claims Management – Technology Based Methodology. Netz manages all water claims for customers of insurance companies.

Netz partnered with Carbyne in order to provide its working staff (plumbers) a direct button to their command & control center. With carbyne’s technology, the plumbers can now share and transfer live video from the event, document every situation, and give the call takers on the other side eyes to see the exact situation, while offering their customers the most accurate and efficient service.



Industry/Customer Type

Private Insurance Company

Community Served

400 Plumbers

Number of Seats

8 Seats

Operating Carbyne Since 

November 2017

Carbyne Solution

Stand Alone

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True reports

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