March 12, 2019
Amir Elichai, Founder & CEO of Carbyne

The most important information in a 911 call – by far – is the accurate location.
With location and only location, I can send someone to you to check-in and make sure you are OK.
With all the other information about your incident except location, all I can do as a public safety
telecommunicator is hope that you call back.

Bernard “Buster” Brown, ENP CMCP 30+ Year
Public Safety Veteran and Carbyne Global Public Safety Expert


There is no debating the importance of location in public safety. As noted above, in the absence of an address, a precise location, 911, and first responders can do nothing.
If you are reading this blog, odds are that you are familiar with the FCC estimate that 10,000 lives each year are lost in the US due to poor location capabilities in the 911 system.
In the US market, Carbyne is now able to add the ability to receive EED information from Apple smartphones and ELS information from Android devices to our already advanced location capabilities. This allows us to present a device-based location for more 911 calls and non-emergency calls than any other
call-handling solution in the marketplace.

While many of our competitors have incorporated RapidSOS into their products, if this isn’t available, the next best thing is ANI/ALI….. or nothing.
Carbyne’s use of other methods to provide location (and video!) permission to smartphones when EED or ELS is unavailable is an innovative and important approach to solve the location problem. Simply put, our ability to help PSAPs find callers is second to none.
Next Generation 911 is often viewed as being a few different capabilities – like enhanced location, texting, and the move away from selective routers. But it is so much more than that.
Next Generation 911 is about PSAPs and industry partners pushing technology to provide:

  •  The best information
  •  To the right decision-maker
  •  At the right time

to make the best decision in a short time frame.

Next Generation 911 will include device-initiated calling, AI-driven automated responses, interoperability between systems, integration with an array of different databases and more,
but it will always have, at its core, the goal of optimizing information flow for public safety. Constantly striving to make improvements to areas that are already a strength is a critical part of that journey, and by adding in RapidSOS’s NG911 Clearinghouse data, Carbyne has done that.

We will continue to work along this path and have more exciting news coming. At Carbyne, we gladly accept the challenge to think bigger, and better, to help save lives.

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