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c-Lite is deployed as a plugin product, designed to enhance Carbyne’s state-of-the-art.

No integration. Implemented in hours.
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Optimize the performance of your PSAP in an ESInet environment with c-Live, a robust, cloud-native ECC call handling system built on the Cisco technology stack.
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How Does It Work?

1. Gather the data

Carbyne’s solutions start with a simple mission; Help the call-taker gather as much relevant information about the incident as possible, as quickly as possible.

Device-based location, video from a caller’s phone, caller profile data, information from a Smart Cities sensor or an IoT device….anything that can help enhance situational awareness.

2. Secure and enhance the data for response

From there, we secure and enhance that data. Data in our platform is WAF encrypted end-to-end and follows military-grade security protocols.

Our call management platform then uses artificial intelligence, automated response development, statistical machine learning and other techniques to simplify the information, make it actionable and present it to a public safety call-taker.

3. Drive to action

Finally, we make the information shareable.

Carbyne’s standards-based approach puts a premium on interoperability. Our solutions easily integrate with CAD systems and are built to share information with Dispatchers and First Responders en route.

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