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Rebrand. Why now?

Next Monday, 29th of January, in our brightly-lit office room in Tel Aviv, a button is going to be pressed that will signal both the beginning and the end. With this button press, a seemingly innocuous occasion, Reporty will officially cease to exist. In its place, will come a new, global brand befitting our technology that is causing a once-in-a-generation shift in the public safety industry. 
But why do companies rebrand? Many companies do it because it allows them to signify a shift in leadership, company priorities, or in the product. For many of these companies, it will enable them to ‘wipe the slate clean’ and reach out to their audience with a fresh, new look. Others rebrand in order to reclaim a new, often younger, audience. For instance, remember the wildly popular ‘Old Spice’ commercials? 
These commercials were a part of a significant rebranding campaign for Old Spice because they found that younger men weren’t buying their deodorants anymore. When asked, teenagers and young adults said that Old Spice was “the aftershave that their grandpa used.” Spurred by these comments, Old Spice rebranded to engage this new generation of shoppers. Keeping their old name, but updating their branding, spokesperson, and messaging, Old Spice unveiled a series of new ads and products. The result was instantaneous, the new ad and spokesperson appealed directly to the consumers of both genders and significantly increased Old Spice’s revenues and market share. 
Other companies will rebrand to signify a shift in audience. For instance, Burberry is now known for its luxury style and is one of the world’s fastest-growing fashion brands. However, in early 2000 the Burberry brand was associated with young thugs and sales cratered. Many of their high-end customers refused to wear the label, and many feared that the century-old company that made coats for British soldiers during WW1 would soon be put out to pasture. Burberry brought on several top creative designers and relaunched the brand to become chic again. The gamble worked, and Burberry not only regained popularity but is now riding high on their newfound success. 
But why is Reporty rebranding? Well, very quickly we have found ourselves to be a worldwide player in the public safety market. When speaking, demonstrating, and negotiating with police agencies and cities across the world, we have fallen back on our global infrastructure as a key selling point. But, Reporty is known as Carbyne in the United States, and in other countries, we are known by different names. Because of this, we will be bringing everything under a single, unified umbrella that will follow us in meetings, conferences, and negotiations no matter where we are in the world. Our new brand will unite our product line, allow us to demonstrate the spread of our technology, and give us the name and brand that befits our life-changing, and life-saving, ecosystem. 
Yes, it’s the end of Reporty. But, it’s the beginning of something so much bigger. 

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