Carbyne REPORT


By implanting the Carbyne technology into your product framework, you become positioned to provide your client base with unprecedented ease of access to security and emergency services. Instant medical alerts from wearable devices, vehicle crash alerts from connected cars or live crime reporting from smart home systems are just a small cross-section of the practical application of the Carbyne technology in 3rd-Parties.


Carbyne sees saving lives its primary mission, and for this goal, our technology supports multiple means of communication to emergency services, including integration with Telco providers by a dedicated pre-installed SDK. Users of supported devices are able to dial emergency numbers from their native dialer and broadcast Live Video and Location using Carbyne’s platform.
With this solution, emergency communication is fully device native, not requiring any further action by the end-user, and has the biggest potential for saving lives every day, everywhere.


With Carbyne the possibilities are endless. We imagine a world where not only phones are connected to emergencies services — but also wearables, smart home devices, and vehicles.
We imagine a smarter — safer — world.
Below are just some of the possible integrations with Carbyne. Contact us if you wish to learn more about a partnership.
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