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About Us:

Reporty, the most advanced system for national emergency infrastructure, bridges the gap between people and the resources designed to help them. Reporty’s innovative technology uses the power of the crowd to revolutionize the way first response and public safety agencies manage emergency events in the field.

Stay Safe – Anywhere & Anytime

Our real-time, video based, mobile platform, which is supported by an Advanced Positioning System, offers you immediate and live video reporting from the scene of hazards or emergencies to relevant dispatch centers you choose, maximizing an accurate response by authorities, cutting down on response times and ultimately saving lives.

Mobile app

Reporty for iOS and Android is the most versatile personal safety app on the market. With a click of a button, Reporty will connect the caller with the relevant dispatcher, simultaneously transmitting a live video of events as they unfold and begin a 2-way audio conversation, just like a regular phone call. In cases where the caller can’t speak- there is an option for live chat with the call taker.

Command & Control

The C2I Platform: Reporty’s C2I Dispatch Platform is the tool that brings the event from the field to a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). Getting real-time information from the field can only be turned into useful intelligence if it is processed efficiently. This tool allows the PSAP to get multiple calls at once, prioritize them according to their importance, and drop irrelevant calls if necessary.

The Call Taker Platform: Dispatchers who have Reporty calls routed to them through the mobile application have instant access to crucial information that provides them with a clearer picture of events.

The CRM System: Enables decision makers to accurately analyze the past and present behavior of their callers, react accordingly, and in time predict future patterns. This tool is essential in optimizing planning and strategy.


Indoor Positioning: Reporty’s unique indoor positioning feature is derived from our patented technology that is capable of pinpointing a user’s location to within a 1 meter radius-even indoors. No matter where the call originated from – our technology locates the caller immediately. This capability allows Reporty users to be easily located to ensure they get the help they need as fast as possible.

Live Video Streaming: A system that enables to gain a better understanding on the nature of the events reported, thus take the right actions. See events in the eyes of the caller.

Routing Optimization: Our incident reporting app automatically optimizes voice and video communications. The platform automatically identi es the most stable method of communication available with the command and control center, continually monitors the communication for disruptions or waning signals, and adapts the protocols accordingly.

job description

Our customer envisions a safer world, one where the people are empowered to become active participants in their own safety. It will bring clients and users into the next generation of communication between the public an those that have sworn an oath to help them. Our project is designed to be the global standard for event reporting. With the click of a button anyone can get the help they need-anywhere.


  • Reporty is looking for a talented QA engineer who will join our growing startup in the homeland security field.
  • The candidate will be an integral part of all development lifecycle and will work closely with R&D engineers, product manager and creative.
  • The position requires design, develop and execute test cases for mobile (iOS and Android), web, backend and unique home systems.


  • Deep knowledge of QA methodologies
  • Highly independent, proactive and with the ability to self-learn.
  • Curiosity and attention to details
  • Excellent team worker
  • Strong understanding of mobile paradigms and technologies, iOS and Android- a big advantage
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills in English
  • Proficient working with bug tracking applications (Jira preferred)
  • BA/BS/ BSc degree, or equivalent experience


  • Graduate of Computer Science, Software Engineering or Elite Intelligence unit
  • At Least 3 years of experience in manual testing
  • Experience with debugging tools
  • Experience with Agile methodology
  • Mobile testing experience
  • Knowledge with STP, STD, STR documents
  • Deep knowledge of network protocols

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