Smart Safety Button
For Educators

Your personal Safety Button

Grant safety to your teachers, educational staff and their students, with the world’s most advanced technology. Planing an outdoor activity? Traveling out of town or abroad? You need to know that no matter what – your people are protected.

Introducing the Smart Safety Button in the Reporty app. In case of emergency, a simple button click will launch a live video report, including the exact location, directly to the dispatch center, helping call takers respond faster than ever before.
The Safety Button is a designated exclusive button for the education sector, and each report will be handled at top priority with minimum waiting time.


About Reporty

Reporty’s is a national emergency communication platform, running the most advanced technology for emergency infrastructure. We enhance communication between citizens and Public Safety Answering Points, delivering rich and smart data from, by connecting individuals in emergencies to emergency services via live video and audio., Using mobile platforms, smart devices and IoT, Reporty helps emergency services establish what is happening in real time and provide citizens with faster, more accurate, emergency support.


bringing safety to you. Anytime. Anywhere.

Grant safety to your people with the world’s leading safety technology. Reporty app enables smart reports to emergency centers with live video streaming and accurate location, all around the world.

Reporty's Advantages

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Fast Accurate Help

Smart reports cut down response time by over 50%


Live Video Report

Enables call takers to understand the nature of the event quickly


Chat Report

Enables to make smart reports even when unable to speak

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Accurate Location

Location based reports save valuable time

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Creating a profile insures accurate personalized help

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Cut Back on Costs

Increases call centers' efficiency. The app is 100% free


Social Features

Reporty notifies users when their friends are in an emergency



Available at over 160 countries worldwide

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