State Vaccination Roll Out


State Vaccination Roll Out

As each state is working its way to gradually restore civic normalcy, it will have to present interactive ways of communications that will enable it to effectively manage its emergency operations, and monitor large scale vaccinations in real-time in order to prevent the re-emergence of COVID-19.


Post Vaccination
Live Support

Carbyne’s instant chat and live video (patented) communication tools enable callers to connect in a live way to any call center.  As the rollout of statewide vaccination programs takes place, these live forms of communications will enable states to remotely assess callers who report COVID-19 or vaccination related symptoms and support them in a live way during this delicate transition.


Vaccination Impact​

To keep the COVID-19 curve flat, you must be ahead of it. Customized questionnaires enable call centers and the state to get live, real-time data on the density of vaccinated people AND incoming COVID-19 related cases. The live heat map view can show the impact of the program and allow the state to better allocate resources and vaccination distribution.


The Right Location,
Every Call

The rise of COVID-19 amplified the need to obtain a caller’s location as well as for interactive communication channels in admin lines; more than ever before. Carbyne’s platform enables 311, 911, as well as any call center to receive advanced location capabilities, whether the call is an admin call or an emergency call.


The New Orleans
Success Story

On March 13th, Carbyne received a call from the Orleans Parish Communications District. Their need: an immediate install to provide call takers and EMS the ability to remotely assess callers in order to provide safety to their first responders who experienced an extremely high infection rate. The collaboration enabled the city to flatten the COVID-19 curve in an exemplary way that resulted in a powerful case study by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The Time Is Now

As a cloud native platform, Universe can be installed quickly and remotely in any part of the world. With zero down time, zero interruption to existing protocols and minimal training, it truly is a no risk solution that can transform any emergency call center and state emergency center into NG9-1-1 within hours.

Learn how our solutions can transform your operations to NG 9-1-1 overnight

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