Indoor Positioning

Reporty’s unique indoor positioning feature is derived from our patented technology that is capable of pinpointing a user’s location to within a 1 meter radius-even indoors. Whether the call originated from a remote rural area or an apartment tucked away in a dense population center, our proprietary, highly-accurate micro-location technology pinpoints a reporter’s location with an accuracy of less than 1 meter. This capability allows Reporty users to be easily located to ensure they get the help they need as fast as possible.


In the event of a major catastrophe or malicious attack, our telecommunications networks cannot be relied on to remain operational. Our incident reporting app automatically optimizes voice and video communications. The platform automatically identifies the most stable method of communication available with the command and control center, continually monitors the communication for disruptions or waning signals, and adapts the protocols accordingly. Reporty will automatically split communications between 2 or more channels as necessary (UMTS, 2/3/4G, LTE, VOLTE). This unique technology maximizes Reporty’s ability to operate in a crisis situation whether on or off-line.
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