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Reporty has set out to bridge the gap between the people and the resources designed to help them by introducing the most innovative technology the public safety sector has ever seen. Using the power of the crowd, we revolutionize the way first response and public safety agencies manage events in the field.

Download Reporty, fill in your profile and add your friends. If encountered an emergency, report via live video. First responders will see the scenario, location and the caller’s profile, and will be able to offer immediate, accurate help. 
In addition, watch over your loved ones, and view all reports around you with Reporty’s social features.

Build your personal Network of Friends in Reporty! Get notified if friends or family reported an emergency, and vice versa – they will be notified if you’ll report an emergency. Enter your profile and tap on “Find Friends” to start building your circle and watch over the people you love the most.

Reporty’s interactive Live Map will show you all the reports around you, from your friends and from fellow Reportyers. Tap on each report to view more info about it, so you could get the full picture of your surroundings and know if it’s safe or whether you should stay away.

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The C2I System

The C2I system displays all the incoming videos on a single screen. With the help of the C2I, call takers can get an overview of all the events taking place, and prioritize calls according to their urgency.