Ultra Emergency Network

The world’s first portable cellular network that enables governments to connect first responders with civilians when commercial mobile networks have been destroyed. 

Safety Tracking for First Responders

Command staff can track rescue team members and their proximity to risks and hazards in real time by enabling live resource mapping in the operating area.

Accurately Locate Trapped Civilians

by connecting to their mobile devices.

Initiate Emergency Video

to increase situational awareness and allow for easier accessibility for rescue teams.

Establish a Private First Responders Cellular Network

for a safer and faster communication flow.

Follow First Responders

during a large crisis by enabling mapping of all rescue forces in the destruction zone.

All without an app or an existing commercial cellular network in the area.

Establishing The Ultra Emergency Network

The Ultra Emergency Network’s solution is divided into four core platforms that can be operated individually or as a whole, each with distinct, powerful capabilities

MCV-1 model shown, other options available

Mobile Emergency Command Center (ECC)

The Ultra Emergency Network establishes command and control via mobile field or fixed-site command center to coordinate core system functions.

This comprehensive solution provides enhanced emergency call management capability for public safety agencies, command and control for Search and Rescue forces, as well as broadband private communications for first responders. It is customized to your organization’s needs, to build you the versatile and powerful system-on-wheels that aligns with your mission’s unique characteristics.


The Tac4G mobile broadcast network system can be deployed and operated rapidly in a disaster area independently or alongside the Emergency Command Center (ECC). As part of the deployment, the system can reconnect the ECC back to a network via microwave or satellite backhaul, enabling live communication and information sharing.

It creates two emergency networks: the first is an emergency call network for civilians and the second is a dedicated redundant private network for first responders.


ResQCell provides first responders the ability to find trapped or missing people by accurate geo-location of their mobile devices.

ResQCell is a tactical system that enables first responder teams to:

  1. “Activate” cellular phones in a disaster area
  2. Retrieve cellular IDs of activated mobile phones and create a list of potential survivors
  3. Geolocate phones in a disaster area. The system also provides geographical indications on a local map of each phone that is found, together with its unique ID, and identifies which network it belongs to.

Live, Interactive Communications

The c-Live system has the unprecedented ability to receive a callers static and dynamic location, live video, and instant messaging without an app being required on the caller’s phone. In addition, it also allows for call transcription, keyword identification, and more. The system enables live, actionable information sharing for increased situational awareness.

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