Ultra Emergency Network

The world’s first portable cellular network that enables governments to connect first responders with civilians when commercial mobile networks have been disabled. 

From Total Communications Blackout to Intelligent Search and Rescue

Ultra Emergency Network is a portable cell tower that gives every citizen the power to connect with first responders without the need for an app and no matter which network they subscribe to.

Accurately Locate Trapped Survivors

by connecting to their mobile devices.

Initiate Emergency Video

to increase situational awareness and allow for easier accessibility for rescue teams.

Establish a Private First Responders Cellular Network

for a safer and faster communication flow.

Safety for First Responders

by enabling mapping of all rescue forces and hazards in the disaster zone.

All without an app or an existing commercial cellular network in the area.

Establishing The Ultra Emergency Network

The Ultra Emergency Network can be operated in the harshest environments and delivers world-first capabilities to search and rescue responders.

MCV-1 model shown, other options available

The UEN Platform and Advanced CommsTech

The UEN platform vehicle has been designed to move light and fast alongside search and rescue teams. The first operational periods make the job and UEN is built for turnkey deployment, setup and operation. The advanced communications platform provides next generation satellite backhaul, self-mounting antenna mast and efficient power generation.

Live Interactive Communications with Survivors

The c-Live system has the unprecedented ability to receive a caller’s location, live video, and instant messaging without an app being required on the caller’s phone. It works no matter what carrier the caller subscribes to. The system enables live, actionable information to prioritize the life safety mission. Find those that need rescue faster, and keep our responders safer.

Command and Control from the Field to the Exec SitRoom

UEN leverages Carbyne’s cloud-native, secure infrastructure in use in 9-1-1 call centers around the world. This provides a tailored information flow for all levels of the job: tactics on the ground get prioritized rescue maps and critical hazard information. The Incident Command Post monitors the mission in the field while the Emergency Operations Center and the Executive Situation Room defines strategy and has access to advanced analytics.

First Responders Private Network

Operating alongside the mobile network for disaster survivors is UEN’s independent private network for first responders. Prioritize mission-critical communications and never lose track of teams in the field. The network uses Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) and Sandbox architecture to keep data secure and able to deploy in minutes.

Building Collapse Geolocation

The UEN incorporates ELTA’s Res-Q-Cell technology for building collapse and technical rescues. The system locates mobile phones based on signal strength and can be used to identify any working handsets within a set boundary area. This allows technical search and rescue workers to identify where phones are located within a destroyed structure, giving them critical information about how to approach the hardest jobs.

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