The Story

The minutes between calling for help in an emergency, and the time until help arrives, are some of the most stressful and crucial in people’s lives. Our solutions enrich emergency and non-emergency calls and provide an intuitive call-taking interface to provide telecommunicators with unrivaled situational awareness.

At Carbyne, we are building for the dramatically different 911 environment that is coming. An environment with greater situational awareness, AI-driven response capabilities, and tight interconnection with the Internet of Things.
The Challenge
Public safety agencies are on a perpetual quest to enhance their critical response to routine or emergency events that occur within their jurisdictions



The Vision

At Carbyne, we are bringing our clients into the next generation of emergency communications.  By leveraging the cloud, AI-enriched functionality, automation, IoT gateways, a global infrastructure and the ability to capture relevant information from a wide array of sources, Carbyne is laser focused on using technology to reduce time to dispatch and time to issue resolution.

Carbyne Report
Carbyne Core
Carbyne Control

The Solution

Carbyne is a next generation Call Handling platform, supported by a full ecosystem, encompassing advanced IP based communication features, global infrastructure and caller solutions. We act as the gateway for delivering rich and smart data to Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs), helping call takers analyze and process what is happening in real-time, provide accurate support, reduce operational costs, slash time to dispatch and ultimately save lives. Our system integrates seamlessly and risk-free into any existing 911 legacy infrastructure, providing you with a system that goes beyond anything the public or private sector has seen before.


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