Advisory Board
Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen
Former Secretary of Homeland Security to the U.S Government
Secretary Michael Chertoff
Former Secretary of Homeland Security to the U.S Government
Robert David Paulison
Former Director Federal Emergency Management Agency
Dr. Ricardo Corral Luna
Former Deputy Secretary of the National Public Safety System of Mexico
Kevin R. Brock
Former Assistant Director for Intelligence, FBI
Edward F. Davis
Former Police Commissioner of the Boston Police
Jim McDonnell
Former Sheriff of Los Angeles County, California
Andy Rooke
Global eCall Expert
Gal A. Kaminka
Professor at the Computer Science Department, Bar Ilan University
Trae Stephens
Partner at Founders Fund
Amir Elichai
Founder & CEO
Alex Dizengof
Founder & CTO
Erez Tsur
President & COO
Chris Carroll
VP Sales, North America
Abelardo Tous-Mulkay
General Manager, Latin America
Eyal Oron
VP Global Operations
Ohad Rubinstein
VP Sales APAC & EU
Stanislav Verhovih
VP Finance
Debbie Ben Zaken Sharvit
VP People
Noam Fraenkel
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